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Do mini pigs really make good pets?

Mini pigs make excellent pets when the owner is educated and prepared to provide for their special needs.  Pigs are very intelligent animals and can get bored very easily.  For this reason, it is recommended that an outdoor area be available to your pig to excercise and graze.  Most pigs love their outdoor time during the day, and many actually prefer it to being inside.  Other mental stimulation involves treat dispensing toys and working on learning tricks such as sit, spin, and shake.  When indoors and not directly supervised or snuggling with you, it is recommended to have a crate or area that is just for them. We recommend a bed or blanket, a litter pan, a few toys, and a non-tip water dish be included in this area.  This area helps with young piglet's potty training, as well as keeping their little mouths off of things they aren't suppose to have.  It also offers a safe place away from dogs and small children if needed.  I also feel it is of utmost importance that the pig be spayed or neutered, socialized starting at an early age, and allowed to remain with its mom and litter mates as long as possible to prevent behavior problems.  Our piglets will not go to their new homes earlier than 8 weeks old so that they can learn valuable manners.  It is also important to remember that pigs are prey animals and have a natural instinct to want to scream and run when frightened.  Even the most socialized pig will scream loudly at times and many pigs don't enjoy picked up.  This concept can be hard for first time pig owners to adjust to, especially if they are used to puppies who are naturally very social and trusting.  The more you bond with your pig, the more special the relationship becomes.  The bond between a pig and a person is truly one of the most special human animal relationships I have had the pleasure to be a part of.

Do you ship piglets?

Yes, pigs can fly!  We can ship piglets to you at the cost of the airplane ticket, carrier, and health certificate.  The cost is usually around $250-$300.  We can also drive a few hours to meet in the middle for a small fee.

How big will your piglets get?  What is the difference between "mini pig", "teacup pig", "nano pig", and "micro pig"?