Happy & Healthy Mini Pigs

Our mini pigs are handled daily and frequently interact with the children, other pigs, dogs, and cats at our farm.  All of our piglets and breeding stock are loved and treated like pets.

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Spotted JPAR Registered Julianas, Colorful American Mini Pigs, AKPR & AKKPS Registered Kunekune, and Kune/Juliana mixes

From our breeding stock carefully selected for size, temperament, and conformation, we offer many different color and breeds to choose from. We are happy to help you choose the best match for your family.

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Free Support & Education

It is important that our piglets find homes where the family is prepared to offer them the care they need and are ready to commit to making them a lifelong member of their family.  We encourage anyone looking to become a new pig parent to contact us with questions!  We offer lifetime support to both guide through the struggles and share in the celebration of successes involved in mini pig ownership.  We want to assist in making your mini pig experience positive and provide support every step along the way.  In the event that life unexpectedly changes in a way that causes you to no longer care for your mini pig, they will always have a place to come back to at Muddy Puddles.  It is very important to us that we keep our beloved pigs out of shelter and rescues that are often overwhelmed with unwanted pigs.  All our pigs leave our farm already spayed, neutered, and microchipped.

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Our Commitment

At Muddy Puddles Mini Pigs, we are dedicated to providing quality mini pigs that will serve as loving, social, and lifelong pets.  We are a lifetime member of JPAR (Juliana Pig Association and Registry), and aspire to become an AMPA (American Mini Pig Association) registered breeder. This commitment means we want to be held to the highest standards of care, honesty, and education as a responsible mini pig advocate.  The health and happiness of our breeding pigs and their piglets is of utmost importance to us.

Juliana Pig Association & Registry Lifetime Member

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Ready to become a mini pig parent?

If you're interested in adopting, be sure to see our available piglets!